Satellite Platforms

State-of-the-art and advanced structural solutions for satellites platforms, From Nano- and micro satellites to large satellites, From Design to Delivery.Sandwich panels structures: Alu skins


  • Sandwich panels structures
  • Alu skins: lightweight
  • CFRP skins: high stability
  • Metallic and composite
  • Full Metallic structures (Isogrid) for small satellites and constellations


  • Spot 5: Complete development (Phase B/C/D), fabrication and test of the Spot 5 equipment platform
  • Corot: Complete satellite bus structure (primary, secondary, dummies)
  • Pleaides: Participated to the System Phase B and performed the phase C1A activities related to this agile satellite platform
  • Institutional Earth Observation satellite: Development testing and manufacturing of the complete platform

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