Thermal Engineering

1. Preliminary thermal design

  • Requirements definition
  • Subsystem architecture trade-off
  • Technology assessment
  • Preliminary design of the system
  • Preliminary analysis
  • Coupon testing approach definition

2. Thermal Analysis

  • ESATAN, Thermica, Thermal Desktop
  • Geometric and Thermal Modeling
  • Orbital modelling
  • Complex physics & controls
  • Planetary thermal modelling
  • On-surface operations analysis

3. Detailed design and hardware selection

  • Detailed analysis cases definition through the mission lifetime
  • Detailed design of the system Hardware selection and specification
  • Detailed thermal analysis cases
  • Detailed sensitivity analysis to determine the uncertainty margin

4. Hardware procurement and development

  • Requirements specification
  • RFI, RFP and RFQ preparation
  • Supplier assessment
  • Thermal hardware supply chain from all over the World

5. Hardware characterization and QA

  • Thermal characterization tests
  • Performance and test reports
  • Compliance with ECSS and ESCC standards
  • PA/QA requirements scalability based on the customer needs

6. Thermal testing

  • Test plans and procedures
  • Test executions in internal and external facilities
  • Test preparation (including development of test adapters)
  • Data acquisition and post-processing
  • Evaluation of the results and reporting
  • Thermal model correlations

Systems Architecture

Our team offers support on the complete spectrum of Systems Engineering, Product and Quality Assurance activities, typical services that we offer are:

  • Requirements elicitation, analysis and management
  • Requirements verification strategy, tailoring of ECSS standards to project’s needs
  • System architecture and tradeoffs
  • Coordinating development between different teams of engineers and scientists
  • Environmental test campaign planning and test support
  • Verification and compliance assessment
  • Quality control documentation, establishing data package preparation
  • Risk analysis
  • Selection of materials and processes compatible with the mission
  • Development of adhesive/coating qualification campaigns

Systems Engineering PA & QA

Testing Services

Thermal Testing and qualification according to ECSS and NASA standards, in Vacuum and ambient pressure, up to  cryogenic conditions.


  • Small Vacuum Tests, for development
    •  46x37x39 cm³; p ~2x10-2 mbar
    • T ϵ (-30,+150)°C
  • High Vacuum Tests, for qualification
    • 53x54x54 cm³; p ≤1x10-5 mbar
    • T ϵ (-170,+150)°C
  • Cryogenic thermal chamber, for life cycling (up to 5000 cycles)
    • 30x39x38 cm³; p = atm (N2)
    • T ϵ (-135,+135)°C
  • Thermal oven for bake-out
    • 41.5x37x34.5 cm³