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Azimut Space GmbH (formerly Sonaca Space) is a Space Engineering company with more than 12 years experience in thermo-mechanical engineering and in the development of payloads and subsystems. The company, founded in 2007 primarily as a thermal engineering company, has expanded its portfolio over the years, and now offers complete thermal solutions, thermal engineering services, thermal hardware as well as development of instruments and subsystems. Azimut Space GmbH (ASG) has its premises in Berlin with in-house developed Thermal Vacuum Chambers, Thermal Cycling Chamber and a Thermal Characterization unit. Additionally, the lab has a number of other auxiliary support equipment like a 3D printer, LN2 vessel, and other mechanical machining equipment.



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Azimut Space it´s been a supplier of several Space Agencies and research centers among the globe.

We are proudly partners and suppliers of the mayor European Large System Integrators

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