Thermal Hardware

Thermal Hardware

Thermal Systems Design, from initial trade-offs, to manufacturing and assembly, including in-house thermal hardware development and testing.


Either for complete thermal subsystems or for a specific item, Azimut Space is your partner for thermal hardware. We have internally developed and produced hardware and an extensive supply line for other demanding products, allowing a complete range of solutions for your thermal needs. Passive items such as:

  • Thermal straps
  • Phase Change Materials heat accumulators
  • Heat pipes
  • MLI or SLI blankets
  • Standard and new laser-based coating technologies

or active ones like

  • Heaters

are supported by monitoring hardware, such as

  • Temperature sensors

Combined solutions of the above, allows us delivering:

  • Coated radiator panels with embedded and surface mounted heat pipes network
  • Complete thermal subsystem solutions
  • Qualified products and solutions


Our Thermal Products


Deployable Radiators

Foldable and deployable thermal radiators, for micro- and nano-satellites. In development phase.


Heat Capacitors

PCM (Phase Change Materials) based Heat Capacitors absorb heat from a load, limiting its temperature increase, to release it at a later time.


Multi Layer Insulation

Multi Layer Insulation Blankets for space applications, from small to large sizes.


Thermal Straps

Flexible thermal links, to remove heat from sensitive equipment and insulate from Vibration and Deformation.


Thermal Radiators

Design, Optimization, Manufacturing and Qualification of Radiators, from 0.1 x 0.1 to 3.8 x 10 m².


Variable Conductance Heat Pipes

In the MASCOT program, a novel type of Variable Conductance Heat Pipe has been implemented, with an open/closed ratio of more than 40:1.

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